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The artist working on a commission which will include three life sized children and a huge book.


Will Clark is a passionate soul. Throughout his adult life he has been an active supporter of minority rights and a promoter of the arts. Several years ago, as a result of a chance conversation with his neighbor and friend, sculptor Frederica Schaefer, he found himself involved with his current passion, sculpting.

His first piece was cast in 1998. While he has made an effort to talk to all of the sculptors he can find, has wandered through many museums taking notes and sketching, and has received informal input from many of his artist friends, he really is just self taught. To date all of his work has been of human figures and busts, and essentially all are representational. He looks upon this late found activity as a truly surprise gift, and one that has provided much pleasure.

Lincoln and Will

Will is a retired corporate manager with degrees in chemical engineering and business management. He currently lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana with Ginny, his wife of 44 years. He has four children and seven grandchildren. In his spare time he plays the violin, reads, plays golf and tennis, and gardens.

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